Custom Ammunition, LLC
   "...Making an Impact"

Custom Ammunition, LLC
"...Making an Impact"

Hi- My name is Jimmy and I am the owner of Custom Ammunition, LLC.  I am a passionate conservationist and shooting enthusiast with a lifetime of wilderness adventure experiences. I have over four decades of shotgun and center-fire firearms experience. 

Well, among my many passions, and right at the top, is my love of Celtic fiddle music.  I have played the violin and studied Irish, Scottish and English folk music for as long as I can remember.  So, when I'm not fiddlin', I'm "fiddlin" around with my ammunition, at the range shooting, out canoeing, camping, and/or hunting or fishing - hence fiddlin-around.

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I am once again set up to accept credit cards.

Any ammunition I offer for sale will be listed with
For more information please visit My Ammunition Page

Please check out my new store. 

Beginning with a  variety of backpacks and bags for use in the field and on the range,
as well as causal use and for travel.
In the near future I'm also going to offer a line of very unique hand woven baskets and bowls from South Africa. These are some very beautiful items my wife and I discovered a few years back,
and are a prefect compliment to anyone's den or game room, as they add a touch of Africa.


 I am a proud member of The National Rifle Association (NRA),
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and
Safari Club International (SCI). 

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I am also the North American Distribution Manager for
Technoframes USA, LLC
A manufacturer of high quality ammunition and firearm storage systems.
For more information on these exciting products please visit their website

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(813) 505-3982 Cell

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