"Making an Impact..."


"Dedicated to providing premium ammunition for discriminating outdoor enthusiasts."

 If you are going to pay thousands of dollars for a custom firearm and even more on a dream hunt, "Are you really going to skimp on your ammunition?" Remember, in the end, it all comes down to the bullet. Whatever your pursuit, when you're afield and your sights are lined upon the target, "Can you depend on your ammunition to function as promised?'" 

 With a business philosophy driven by a acknowledgment that the performance of your ammunition is more than a promise, and value is more than how quickly or inexpensively a cartridge can be produced. My goal is   "To provide the best handloaded ammunition possible with excellent service and at a reasonable price."...this means producing the finest custom handloaded ammunition possible so to optimize the performance of your firearm.

My dedication to providing the highest quality handloaded ammunition is second to none.

"When reliability and performance are a must..." 

Custom handloaded Ammunition that is specifically tailored to your firearm affords you the ability to achieve the best accuracy and performance the firearm is capable of. 
Custom Ammunition - What does mean?  It is ammunition wherein - 

  • It begins with selecting the finest bullets available which are designed for the task at hand
  • The ammunition then is created exclusively to your specifications
  • The cases are carefully inspected for flaws
  • Cases are trimmed to a uniformed length
  • Flash holes are deburred
  • Cases are polished, and the mouth is carefully chamfered and deburred
  • Powder Charges are individually weighted
  • Cases are again visually inspected
  • All loaded ammunition is package in hard Plastic Box for protection
  • Load data is printed on the label, which can be customized to your needs
  • All ammunition is loaded to strict tolerances as set forth by SAMMI with an emphasis on safety

"The hunting environment can be unpredictable, but your ammunition shouldn't be..."